Shameful Gabby Douglas Hair Haters

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Did y'all see this?

Haters Need to Shut the Hell Up About Gabby Douglas' Hair

Some people are so godawful.
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You are beautiful!
Some people need to get a life.
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Really. Why don't people just take a seat and shut up?
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If and when any of the naysayers win a gold medal, then maybe we can listen. Otherwise, shut the hell up!!!

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I think she is adorable and unusually charismatic.

Who cares what she does with her hair?
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I think she is adorable and unusually charismatic.

Who cares what she does with her hair?
Originally Posted by claudine19
I agree. Who cares about her hair; she's extremely talented and works hard. She earned a gold medal!
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Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
I don't even get it. I looked at a bunch of pictures of her and I don't see the issue. I love her hair! And she is adorable in addition to being one of the top athletes in the world!
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Good grief, I can't get my hair to look halfway decent when I'm just sitting in my house all day!

I think I'd have a few choice words to say to anyone who expected mine to look red carpet perfect while I was winning a freaking gold medal! That young woman is amazing! Way too many hateful people in the world!
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Omg these morons need to have several seats! I'm glad so many realize how idiotic that woman sounded though.

When any haters get a gold metal while rocking blown out Vogue worthy locks and stick their landings with no form of "hair flaws", then they can open her mouth. This chick's done more than quite a bit of people have done in their lives.

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It's sad to see that after all we've been through as African americans and dealing with racism, we not only have to deal with it but we also have to deal with our own kind putting us down for how we wear our hair, if it's real or fake, light skin vs dark skin, if I talk black or sound white (whatever that's supposed to mean). It amazes me that we can't we just be happy that we in ally have made progress and arab African American girl can be on an Olympic team! Get it oh ether people we have enough to deal with than worrying about someone's hair
I was just reading about her on the olympics thread but had no idea who she was. I've just looked at her pic here and now have no idea what people are talking about. She's a gymnast with her hair pulled back - isn't that what all gymnasts do? Think I must be missing something here.
3b in South Australia.
^^It's just some black women who relax their hair and are always afraid that it is not BONE straight, freshly done and sleeked all the way down to their scalp. So they think that everything that's not that is not "kept" and is untidy.
It's mind boggling. I was thrilled that she got the gold. She's totally adorable and I hope she gets a zillion $$$$offers. Go Gabby!!!
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So... Basically she should be wearing She'naynay wigs to make these ghetto b*tches happy? She's already permed,(or at least straightened) what the hell do they want?

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So... Basically she should be wearing She'naynay wigs to make these ghetto b*tches happy? She's already permed,(or at least straightened) what the hell do they want?

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Originally Posted by BlackAngelPlayah
They want to feel better about the fact that they're 30 and feel unfulfilled about their own accomplishments...and their chemically burnt off stubby ponytails.

"Gel and a brush." Speaking for myself personally, if I used either of those things my hair would break off like crazy. And from all the pizzermed ladies I meet, the ones with stubby ponytails love those things the most.

"She gotta represent." Please. Ya'll need to SIT.

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Big Chop: 11/25/09
Cottony/fluffy, medium/coarse, high density & porosity
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Wtf?? I can't even believe that came up!! I could go on and on about why that's ridiculous - both obvious and less so - but it's all just so shallow and PATHETIC AND UTTERLY IRRELEVANT that I'm left essentially speechless.

She's an athlete. It's the OLYMPICS, not a beauty pageant.

It's sickening.
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not only that... i can't see a thing wrong with her hair. i remember seeing girls in gym class with gel dripping down their faces, and believe me, gabby's look is better!
Also... All the U.S. girls are wearing the exact same hairstyle (at least all the ones I saw), so why is everyone going nuts only over her hair? I saw 4 girls complete uneven bars, and their hair all looked the same. She had a couple extra pins in the front so actually hers was slightly better looking than some of the other girls. It's a sporty hairstyle! What's the big deal?
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I loved the comment where someone said "raise your hand if you have a gold medal" and pretty much told everyone else to have a seat. LOL

I can't say I'm surprised by the hater response. These are the same ignorant women who don't exercise because they "don't want to sweat their perms out." so they would rather be oveweight with Diatebes and high blood pressure. Whatever!!

I'm glad people are speaking out in support. Congats, Gabby.
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Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
I can't believe something that small and stupid ever came up. While watching the gymnastics competition Gabby's hair style never even entered my mind. What in the world are those morons thinking? They just need to get a life.
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