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So: after being charged for styling my OWN hair at the chi chi salon, I decided i'm outta there. I have not really left satisfied in all three visits; each time there was a problem, either my hair felt like it was glued, or, being charged for services, IMHO, not rendered. Recently I had consults with 2 stylists; both were nice enough but from there the paths diverged. The second stylist was very personable, talked about products, styling, respected my knowledge of CG, products and styling - AND she knows about! She does not work for a salon per se; she has a chair and rents the space, I guess more and more stylists are doing this, I assume so that they do not have to fork over half of what they charge. As a result, her prices are very reasonable. She is not very conveniently located, but I guess a gal cannot have it all. She was recommended here on the site, so I am going with her. Scheduled to have my roots done next week.
Hope she works out well! You'll have to add a review after you've seen her.
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You are beautiful!
I want to hear all about it, Myrna. Please update us.
I had my own mini-saga with a stylist two weeks ago. I stopped in someplace new just to have my bangs trimmed, and wound up with an adorable young woman with great hair, and a terrific sense of style. We hit it off wonderfully (remember, I usually go to a rather grumpy man who gives me a great cut but has a bad personality), and she told me about a web site I'd probably like (, and she was right).

And yet......she gave me crazy short bangs! Like......Betty Page short! Two weeks later, they still haven't reached my eyebrows, which is what I always request: they should hit the brows. I couldn't tell at the time how short she was going because she wet and combed them, so they dried very flat, but once I re-wet and dried them, it was booooooiiiinnnnnggggg up my forehead like a too-tight roller blind (I'm a 2, so my bangs are straight, but have body).

I am utterly baffled. How can someone so perceptive about style and appearance make such an error?

Stylists truly befuddle me.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience, Myrna.

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Sheesh, Claudine! better go back to that grumpy old man! My hair does not need much in the way of cutting and styling at the moment - the short side layers need to grow, and the back is fine. So I am not really worried about getting a bad cut at this time. My roots need coloring, and I need to have a stylist that respects my knowledge of products, what works and what doesnt, and that I dont want to leave the chair with hair that feels like cotton candy. This stylist was very interested in my roller jaw clip routine -asked where I got them, and wants me to show her how I use them. She has a client, she believes, whose hair would really do well with them. (I love my roller jaw clips, thank you, Gretchen). I like that she is open to my thoughts. I never realized finding a stylist we are good with is so difficult!
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Imo, it is one of a wavy/curly's biggest challenges.
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Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.

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