Flat ontop curly bottom :\ whaaaa???

K so now that Ive acheived the curls I want Ive noticed its so flat on the top!?!? Ill post a pic at the bottom...
Im using the live clean and down under naturals nude condish as well as argen oil as a leave in and aloe vera curl gel for styling. Im compleatly against combs even wide tooth ones- my fingers act as a comb for me And I scrunch squeeze in the shower and dry with an old cotton tee... anyways my pic:
Flat ontop curly bottom :\ whaaaa???-1.jpg
Have you tried clipping or diffusing upside down for a few minutes?
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I do clip occasionally. A tiny bit better but I never have any time time to wait till my hair dries completely. And I don't own a deffuser yet thank you for the ideas tho
I said this on another thread earlier today, looks like it might work on your hair since it's less curly on top, maybe worth a go?

I've also used jumbo velcro rollers. Rather than actually roll my hair from tip to root, I've just sectioned it into rows at the top (probably quite thin ones if you have thick hair), placed the roller about an inch from the root, and rolled up to the root. It means your hair only does about half a turn round the roller. You're just kind of... nestling it in there! Again, it lifts the root. I do this when my hair is slightly damp and let it dry, although I sometimes have to use a hair pin at the base of the roller to keep it secure to my head. This one probably works best for thick, wavy hair that's already more or less straight at the crown, because it's going to stretch out any tight curls unnaturally.
your hair really doesn't look that flat on top
3a/b fine low porosity
co wash V05 moisture milks strawberry
RO tresseme naturals, suave coconut
leave in kckt
seal with ky
kccc as an activator
lalsg & bhrg

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