Ringlet question.

Not sure if this is the right place to post this.

When I was younger i had Shirley Temple curls (they were smaller and more then hers though) all over my head and it would shrink up to above my shoulders (almost chin length) but when it was wet you'd see my hair was actually half way down my back. Anyway at the time I hated my curls (i thought they were tangles and not supposed to be there) so I brushed my hair all the time and it was just poufy after I'd brush it. Then slowly I noticed my hair wouldn't curl like it used to. Then around 9 i noticed my hair was just a thick, poufy, wavy mess. I had lost all my curl except for curls underneath, near the base of my neck. I had thought my hair was basically straight now. Then I got my hair cut when I was 14 to a shoulder length style with all over layers and it started sticking out and trying to curl but I'd just brush it and it would be all poufy and wavy again. Then when i was 15 I chopped it all off to a pixie cut and it was completely straight. Now I'm 17 and growing my hair out and I've notice the longer it gets the more my hair is curling/waving, it's almost shoulder length wet and when it's dry it's chin length. I've never really had ringlets since i was little so I thought my hair is just wavy now but I noticed yesterday that there are sections of hair that are trying to be ringlets (bigger ringlets like Shirley temples).

So my question is, do you think I lost my pretty curls or do you think that my hair doesn't have enough length to really curl?
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For me, length of hair doesn't make that much difference. What made a huge difference was getting a cut that encouraged the curl and using good products. Before I had my first curly cut, I thought I just had poofy frizzy hair, but that's because I basically had a blunt cut and tried to straighten it. I had the classic, regrettable Christmas Tree hair (big triangle). Oh, and the thinning scissors! They always used the razor-y scissors to thin my poor hair.

Then I got it cut by someone who knows curls and...boom! Ringlets and corkscrews. My product needs have changed---used to be Aveda Be Curly cream, then Momo curl serum, and now I'm experimenting with Deva. But when all I was using was silicone-based straighteners, I was just compounding the issue.

Your hair may have changed over the years with hormonal changes, too. I had much straighter hair at 17. I'd keep letting it grow but also look into a curly cut. See if you can get samples of product of try store brands. I also have had good luck with the Totally Twisted mousse, but it really dries out my hair.

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