Halp! Oyin Honey Dew vs Honey Hemp

Hello ladies. It's been a few years since I posted to NC. Now that I'm back on my natural grind after using a flat iron for two years, I'm struggling for some products.

I went through Darcy's transitioning creme for the heat damaged ends, Beija Flor mango butter and Hydratherma lotion after I BC'ed a couple of weeks ago. These's products are OK for moisturizing, but my hair doesn't like the texture.

I have no idea what my hair type is, but now I know the strands are fine and they hate formulations with majority shea butter and oils (especially coconut). So I've been sticking to water-based moisturizers/leave-ins.

Oyin Honey Dew just came in today (thumbs up for fast shipping, I remember when it was slow as heck). I put it on clean hair and I'm in love. My TWA curls pop and they feel quenched.

The only thing is I hate that scent. People said it's burnt sugar pomade light, but they have the same intense smell to me.

I heard that the HH smells like orange popsicle and I've been thinking about getting that full sized. So to the ladies who have tried HH and HD as a leave-in, which do you prefer?

Thanks in advance, ladies.
Hey Lavinder! Ok, So I am a total Oyin Junkie! Ive tried almost everything they have, so here goes...

First about the smell, I agree with you...the HD smells just like the burnt sugar pomade and at first I hated it too, but over time and with the fact that it works so well, it doesn't bother me quite as much. I mostly use the Honey Dew for refreshing my hair during the week and detangling, and it works great! I co-wash every week, and clarify-wash about every 2. During the week when my hair needs a pick-me-up between protective styles, I use HD to add moisture and seal with an oil.

So, on to the LOVE OF MY HAIR LIFE...Honey Hemp!!! Let me tell you. I first bought the 16 oz, then another, and then finally just bought the 32 ounce with the pump. Idk about you...but my hair is so curly it just loooves to tangle and living in S. Florida it dries out fast. Honey Hemp conditioner is light, but packs a big punch. I kept hearing ppl talk about getting great 'slip' with their conditioners and I have tried soooo many, but most failed. My journey for great conditioners has revealed Giovanni Smooth as Silk and Aubrey Organics HSR to be ab fab!!! But Oyin's HH is my NUMBER ONE... this is THE conditioner that does it for my thick, volume of hair. In the shower I can literally feel my hair just "relax" itself and soften. So much so that I ALMOST want to use a comb ( I finger comb only). I sometimes even use it as a DC by adding avocado oil, EVO and sitting under the steamer for 20 mins...my hair just loves the stuff!

I def recommend it, it smells like heaven...I get a lot of compliments on the smell from fam and friends. It's a MUST BUY!!!

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