help please with my new haircut

I've been getting great cuts from my stylist for years. There is something off with the cut I got last week and I'm not sure what it is ,..... I was going for a curly bob that is kind of "old hollywood" and i'm not sure if it's not short enough or too blunt on the bottom. Thoughts?
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3a/3b curls fine hair
Deva lowpoo
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i like it! i think it looks good, and i can see 'old hollywood' look about it.

if you want it shorter, you can always go back. were you thinking more of a 'flapper' style, that is to chin length? i think the old hollywood styles were longer, more like your length or longer.
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I love it the way it is, but if you think you would like it shorter, I'm sure it will look good shorter, too.
Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.
love it.

Also, you have got some fantastic arms.

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love it.

Also, you have got some fantastic arms.
Originally Posted by kstan

3a/3b curls fine hair
Deva lowpoo
Deva Angell


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