First day of CG, help me figure out my curl pattern?

Hi! I've browsed for a while and really learned a lot from this website, and today I finally took the plunge into the CG method. My hair is pretty damaged, I've been dying it back and forth between red, brown and blonde for years now, so I'm hoping all the moisture will bring it back to silky softness.

Anyway, I was wondering if I could get some input into my curl pattern. I'm thinking 2c but I'm not sure. I have thick hair, and LOTS of it. My hairdresser comments on that every time I go in. I've got some s waves, some loose curls, some small curls that look kind of like stretched ringlets, and some flat out pouf!

Here's a photo taken today, I'm hoping it will improve and I have lots of hope based on the before and after thread.

Sorry for the low quality, I took it with my webcam.

Also, where do you Canadian curlies get your microfibre towels?

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It looks more like 3a to me. But, and I'm sure others will chime in, its much more important to figure out your hair properties rather than focusing on visible curl pattern. Your pattern is likely to change as you continue with your CG routine. Will probably get curlier.

BTW, your hair is very pretty!!
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Thanks so much, springlily!

How does one go about figuring out their hair properties?
You look like a 2c to me. 3a has curls about 1 inch in diameter. 2c's have larger curls, and some of the hair is more wavy rather than clear ringlets.

hair porosity: science-y hair blog: Hair Porosity: How To Measure (Sort of)
hair texture (width): science-y hair blog: Is Your Hair Fine, Medium, or Coarse? How to Measure
hair elasticity: Live Curly, Live Free: Hair Elasticity and Density
fia's hair typing system, a similar but slightly different system: The Long Hair Community Discussion Boards - The new VISUAL hairtyping guide 2.2
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I'm thinking maybe 2c/3a

You hair properties include...
-porosity (how much the cuticle is lifted, controls the hair's moisture coming into the hair shaft and leaving)

-density (just how much hair you have on your head)

-width (how thick the individual strands are)

-length (amount of hair growth--not really too important unless you're growing out)

Damaged hair tends to have a lifted cuticle, or high porosity. This means it soaks up moisture and products but can also let a lot of it go really easily. Basically, high porosity hair loses moisture as easily as it gets it, so you have to focus on really retaining the moisture. Porosity is probably the most important aspect when choosing products. Your hair will probably like a lot of protein to help fill in the gaps caused by damage. It might not do well with glycerin and might frizz if you use products containing it. Also, leave-in conditioners are very helpful as well as sealants. Be sure to seal your hair so no moisture escapes! You can just scrunch in a little bit of oil onto your ends for that.

You've said your density and width are thick, so those are already figured out. It looks like your hair is chin-length too.

I hope you like CG! Your hair is so pretty, can't wait to see the results.
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