Anyone else have two different textures in their hair?

So, I have about 3B curls. I actually don't mind them and have been trying to take care of them, however underneath those (especially by my neck) my hair is so ratty! It's super coarse and has tiny little curls that are impossible to tame, they just frizz out. It makes it impossible to wear a ponytail or anything that shows my under layer. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there ANY way to get them to loosen up or clump?

right now I've just been cowashing with cherry blosom Suave natural and rinsing out tresseme natural condish. I use LA looks gel and HE set me up gel, and put olive oil on the ends.
Hahaha, more like "who doesn't have multiple textures?"
Really focusing on giving moisture to that area can help, along with applying oil. Other than that.... welcome to the world of curly hair.
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It's true, before I joined here, I though my hair was strange because, in my case, I had a slightly wavy underlayer and curlier 3a canopy. I've now come to realise it's quite common to have sometimes several textures on one head of hair, so you're definitely not alone!
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