The top layer of my hair just won't get with the program!!!

The top layer of my hair just won't get with the program!!!

It's frustrating because my bottom layer is amazing, but the top is all gross, dry, flat and looks like it was dragged through a forest because of these things. It's inconsistently wavy and flips out at the ends, and you can clearly see where my bottom layer and top layer are, it isn't gradual or anything.

I'm a 2C, if that helps.

Any tips????
Perhaps IAgirl's protein treatment, or some deep treatments? (I think there's a thread about the former in the "2" forum)

The top is the canopy, and it gets the roughest treatment. Maybe sleeping with coconut oil in just that layer?

I'm grasping at straws here...

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Unfortunately I can't help... I just wanted to commiserate with you - I have the same problem! My problem area is mainly the canopy in the back. Hopefully some others can share some tips!
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I have the same problem. I've been starting to not care what the style looks like anymore and focus on the health. My top layer (especially my canopy) is extremely scraggly, has split ends & fairy knots, and is about 1/8-1/6 the length of the rest of my hair. I make sure to take that section and braid is separately from the rest of my hair every night. I also sleep with a satin scarf wrapped around my head as opposed to a bonnet or a pillow. I used to try to over compensate by loading even more product on that area (in turn, plastering it to my head) to help it not tangle, stay put, and keep frizz to a minimum. But that only made it worse. Put extra product on the ends but don't go too crazy. Also, make sure it always protected in the sun, wind, etc. It takes on more trauma than the rest of you hair. This is just what has been helping me so I hope this works for you guys too!
As you can see, it's a very common problem for all of us. There have been some good suggestions. I do wear my hair shorter and get frequent haircuts. When I first came on, my crown/canopy was especially flat and problematic (unfortunately, so is my skull, LOL.) I actually spoke with my stylist and we decided on an inverted bob. All of the layering help get rid of any issues. I've been wearing it that way ever since.

If your hair is damaged and you have split ends, you need to get rid of them. Nothing will make them better--not protein, not moisture. Split ends will travel up the hair shaft and just get worse. Once you get the hair cut, you can do all of the TLC to help prevent damage.
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