I was looking a new technique to get my hair to clump without it taking a day to dry. I have low porosity hair and it takes forever for my hair to dry. The super soaker method is awesome for clumps but not so great for trying to dry my hair. I tried the scrunch and pump which does work okay but I get frizz easily. By the time I get my hair to stop dripping I've already touched it too much. Plopping creates frizz too. Although the "wet frizz" could be another problem. I was just wondering if there was any techniques I missed and hopefully hear a few of you guys styling techniques! As for my hair properties, I have mostly 3a hair, low porosity, coarse, I'm protein sensitive and I avoid humectants as well. I've been using a baking soda rinse to lift the cuticle and wash my scalp. Then I use kckt as my conditioner and leave in followed up by homemade fsg. I really perfer natural products and do not mind making my own when I can. Also, I was going to try xanthan gum gel and see if it gives me more hold. I've been meaning to try it for a while now. Oh and one more thing I tried making lemon water hair spray today. It wasn't bad but not the crunchy-ness I wanted. I'd love to be able to sotc.
Tried the 'wet pineapple' and it gave lift at the roots and possibly helped my hair to stay clumped. Will be doing again! Plus it was nice to have wet hair stay off my clothes.

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