Sectioning in pursuit of clumps?

Hi all!

First of all, I have been following your wisdom and tips for months now and couldn't be happier! Totally opened my eyes up to how wrongly I was approaching my transitioning hair. Went from having effortless loose waves to some maniacal blend of tighter waves and curls, and obscene amounts of FRIZZ. Just this past year, about the same time my hair started to change, I'd made the move to paraben- and sulfate-free products just out of general concern for my and my hair's well-being over time.

I have incorporated various techniques from the brilliant members of this forum, as well as the naturally curly website itself. I know I should probably be staying away from brushes of all sorts, but years of being able to use them, coupled with aforementioned frizz and uneven hairs in each curl clump due to my own misguided foray with a jibere razor comb, have left me with my hands tied. I have almost a literal ton of very fine hair, so it tangles like nobody's business. I get a complete frizz afro no matter what, but especially if wearing any of it down.

Well, long introduction to what might be a pretty simple question (my apologies): how many of you approach your curls as though they were a bunch of tiny little heads of hair? Would it behoove me to treat each individual wave/curl as its own autonomous lock in regards to product distribution and brushing/detangling? I did notice results with both the plopping and super-soaker methods (many kudos to the inventors), but my hair didn't want to stay in nice bunches for long and still ended up all intertwined. I know I am in dire need of a curl-centric cut, particularly to get rid of my home attempt at thinning (BAD for curlies I now know) out the squirrels' nest.

Again, sorry for all the probably unnecessary information! And thank you for all of the fabulous information and advice you've already unwittingly bestowed upon me

Eternal thanks to anyone able or willing to help me out with this conundrum!
I think I understand what you're asking....

As far as treating different areas of your head (or separate curls for that matter), I think it actually works. For instance, the front of my hair is very fine and likes protein, but the back.... oh dear lord it's so coarse and wiry. So usually I apply more leave in/oil to the back, and put a protein-ish gel on the front (LALSG works well). But god forbid I add protein to the back. nooooo.

Then you've got nape hair which is its own beast.

For 2nd day hair I treat each curl separately. I don't rake in more product or water. Instead I spray a water/condish mixture into my hands and smooth/twirl each individual curl to reform it. It can be time consuming, but I don't want them to separate too much.

Sometimes you just have scraggly curls that need their own TLC *cough* canopy *cough*

Hope that helps!
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Yes I agree with SarahNoh, except I use the same products on all of my hair, I just go by feeling how much product I need in each section.

I also have very dense hair and sectioning helps a lot. It's helps make sure that whatever products I'm using are really getting distributed (like Lorriane Massey says "No curl left behind"). When I don't products get lost in there and some curls aren't even getting conditioned.

I do 6 sections and it also helps my curls clump up more.

You mentioned combing - its counterintuitive, but sometimes a fine tooth comb or Denman brush can help with clumps (I use the Denman, only on soaking wet hair of course). I just use it every other co-wash and finger detangle the others.

Hope I helped.
Thank you both so much for replying--hearing just one other person's take on this is very helpful and you've both given me things to take into consideration!

SaraNoH, I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one with two seemingly different textures of hair...I am now rethinking my staunch no-protein stance as it's only improved the under-layers of my hair. I guess my canopy needs some of your prescribed TLC in a different form! That is my one consistent problem area, no fail. From hereon out, I will be approaching my second day hair in a completely different manner. Hopefully I will have curls that make others as envious of them as I am of yours someday!

SpiralSpunk, thank you for mentioning your combing routine. I am hoping to reform myself in that respect It's just so tempting to rake my fingers through the bulk of my hair, but I think focusing on each little curl and the tangles in between would be much smarter. I, too, am blessed with dense hair, and I'd never considered how my intent to make sure every part was covered with my products could actually be hindering my natural body! Sectioning is my savior from now on And by your forum name, I can only imagine how awesome your hair is! I'll have to hunt down some of your other posts to see a photo.

Again, thank you both so much for taking the time to respond! With this being my first post, I was worried it'd get lost in the shuffle, but I couldn't have imagined a warmer welcome to the boards for myself! I'm glad I took the plunge into CG; just have to re-train myself regarding some of the things I used to be able to do to my hair without a second thought. I am in hot pursuit of some luscious locks like those of the many members of the boards, so I will continue to soak up any advice and take it to heart

Thanks again! Looking forward to crossing both of your post paths in the future

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Carmensita: You're welcome and thanks - I haven't posted pics of my hair here yet (except my avatar) and I don't think it's all that "awesome" (especially compared to other curlies here). But it is spirally and I wanted something catchy lol.

See ya around

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