Just got some CJ CoffeeCoco cream. How do you use it????

Well, I found out I wasn't protein sensitive by doing a deep treatment with Ouidad DT (which I hadn't used for a few months). Got the best hair day in a long while. So I put in the Curlmart order I'd been postponing.

I got CJ CoffeeCoco yesterday and tried it today. I wanted to see what it would do pretty much on it's own, so I just used it over my leave in. Not so good. Pretty good curl, but LOTS of surface frizz and NO shine!

How do you use it? Anyone use CK with it? What gels does it like or dislike?

You definitely need a gel over it in order to avoid any frizz or flyaways. I'm having good luck with it under any of the gels I've tried so far over it, especially SMU gel. I used this combo today, with a little Recoil applied first, then the CoffeeCoco creme, then SMU. I had a GREAT hair day!
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i've been using the CJ guava no protein cream and I use a lot of it--it is kindof thick, not sure what the coco cream is like texture wise. i've been using it alone but just with a pea size glop of honey over it. i am liking the results so far. I realize there is no HG for me.lots of products work fine. great hair days are just a matter of the stars being lined up well....
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I've been using it mixed with re:coil (I use about twice as much CCCC as re:coil, too much weighs me down) and BRHG on top. I get a *touch* surface frizz with it, but my hair is really soft and curls nicely. I would say that it's probably overkill to use it with a leave-in.

In the past I tried it with CK and it wasn't that great... but it may have been the wrong weather to use it in. I can only use creams like this when it's cold and dry.
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