Why do parents want their kids to have curly hair?

Not all parents do, but come on think about it! People will put so much product in their kids hair to make it look curly and less kinky, and make it look like the little mixed race girl on commercials -_- who's hair is probably processed and has a ton on crap in hers too! Kinky is beautiful.. Why can't some parents just let the child's hair be?
Some parents like mine couldn't handle it. They tried to go for a long time without perming my hair. Now, when I was a kid, my hair was SUPER long; it was down to my butt. But it was reallyyyyy kinky. I would get hot combs twice a month but I was such a tomboy and sweated up a storm during recess so I would come home the day after my appointment with HUGE FRIZZY hair that was all tangled. My mom tried to make it curly but it would never curl right and made it seem even more kinky. So I got a perm in 2nd grade. Now that I am natural and have been for almost 2 years now, I wouldn't perm or try to change my daughter's (if I have any >.< ) hair texture

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Mental conditioning.

I want my future (Hopefully not TOO future!!!) baby to have curly hair. And by curly I mean not STRAIGHT. LoL!

Dang... What if his/her hair comes out straight?!!! >.<


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