Does anyone else part their hair? Pics Added

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I need to part my hair to the side for 2 reasons: one, because of my side swept bangs and two, I have a thinner side

I'm really psycho about my part too, it has to be done with a fine-toothed comb while my hair is dripping wet. Then I apply products, supersoak and all that good stuff. I have been blow-frying my bangs also. I've never really liked curly bangs on me.

I see so many curlies on here and it looks like their curls lay wherever they want to (I don't see a noticeable part) and I'm so envious! It looks a lot less structured and so natural and free.

I've tried not parting it and just letting it do it's thing and it just wants to part itself down the middle. Maybe when my bangs grow out I can sport this look again, lol. My hair is below BSL if that helps.

Does anyone else find that making a part in your hair suites you better?
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I do! My hair naturally kind of wants to go to one side, but I also like it to be lifted at the roots a bit on that side. So, I either use clips at the roots to lift the hair while it dries, or what I've found more effective is parting my hair against how it naturally wants to go, letting it dry in that (honestly pretty ugly) shape, and then when it's almost completely dry, flipping a small chunk of hair over to the opposite side to get that lifted look.
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I have to part my hair (I usually do when I rake through my first product through dripping wet hair) or else my hair ends up looking really wonky in the front...I just end up scrunching my hair with whatever second product I use and that's when I get my waves back
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I have to part my hair, But everytime I do it in a different spot and in different direction-middle part, Side Part, side part which goes from left to right and vice versa. Onething that works good for me is, do a side part(for example left side part) and take some clumps from right side of the part and throw it on the left side after styling(if that makes any sense at all). My profile picture is one example.Makes part less noticable
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I do I do!

(to the left side)
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i have to part my hair in the middle. I think my hair naturally parts there, and i need it to balance my volume, ive tried a side part before, n while its OK for one night or so, then i gotta put it back then i get a whole heap of volume on one side and normal or less on the other n it looks strange.

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I do a side part, I just never figured out how to style my hair without one! I think it would look better without as when I'm putting my hair in a ponytail I don't do a part, I just rake it all back and it seems fuller and more natural looking when it dries, but I just can't seem to get it to look right if I leave it loose. I also have a side fringe that I straighten so don't know how that'd look without the part.
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I part my hair to the side but i don't have to use a comb bc my hair has a natural side part. I guess that comes from parting my hair soooo much.

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i find that if i don't exactly part my hair as in i don't use a comb, it looks better. when i use a comb it tends to flatten my hair on top. instead i just use my fingers to kind of direct certain pieces to a sort of side part on the left, but it's not a straight line at all.
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I part down the middle with my fingers. I'd like to do a side part but one side looks flat and thin while other side looks way too poofy. Haven't figured out how to do a side part when curly.
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Most of the time yes but today I just kind of let it fall where it wanted and diffused.
Thanks for your input, girls!

Cuban-curl-E, you've described perfectly what's happening on my head, lol! I'm kind of tired of looking at it, but I don't know what else to do with these side swept bangs of mine! I can't wait til they get long enough to tuck behind my ears.

I also rake my hair back on second day when sporting a pony tail. The part definitely doesn't work then.

Since my part is so distinct, I'm feeling that it's not really a good look for curly hair? I should try and just do a jagged-not so-prominent part with my fingers instead?

Here's a top view, please don't judge the frizz factor, I just got back from dining outside:

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i find that if i don't exactly part my hair as in i don't use a comb, it looks better. when i use a comb it tends to flatten my hair on top. instead i just use my fingers to kind of direct certain pieces to a sort of side part on the left, but it's not a straight line at all.
Originally Posted by elizard
See, I think this what I need to do. I have flat-top anyway (and thinning up there to add insult to injury) and I'm sure it would look better if I tried doing a part this way.
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I've been parting my hair since I was a kid. I wish I didn't have to. My hair parts itself even when I try to pull it back. I think it's because it's thin, and the top is straight and gets wavy/curly as it goes down. My dad always says why don't u ever have ur hair combed back? Gee dad I wish I COULD! -__- he doesn't get that it naturally parts itself. I don't like that it always falls that way. I would love to pull it back or have it naturally fall that way, but alas, it won't good to know I'm not the only one though. I was starting to think I was.
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