Devacurl Volumizing foam question

Question for those who use the Devacurl Volumizing Foam. Do you use a gel on top of it...or does it have much hold by itself.

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So far just experimenting with anything and everything!!!!
Hi, Jodi, I was using it alone but by the end of the day my hair was too soft, it "collapsed". So I started using a bit of gel underneath it - Biotera gel. This is a departure for me as I used to use a gel OVER a mousse - but the Deva method uses a gel, then mousse. I have not tried to reverse it. I really like the foam. YOu can "adjust" your hair with it - add more even when it is dry - without it becoming frizzy or crispy. At least, I can.
Thank, Myrna! I would not have thought using gel under it. Will give that a try in the morning.
So far just experimenting with anything and everything!!!!

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