Evercreme intense nourishing condish??

Anyone tried it? Is it cg friendly? I tried to do a search and all I can find is about the cleansing condish..
I went nuts when Evercreme first came out and bought everything in the line. This conditioner was pretty underwhelming for me. I used it a couple times, and then used the rest to shave my legs with.

There is a deep nourishing masque that is part of this line, you only get 5 oz. and it comes in one of those containers you have to scoop the product out of. I did like that a lot, but I can't ever find it anymore, so it may be discontinued.

I regularly repurchase the Evercreme shampoo, it is one of my favorite cleansers.

The cleansing condish is also pretty good.
Thanks! I'll give it a shot. My leg shaving conditioner stash is really growing. lol... I'll not have to purchase anything to shave with ever, ever again.
I just bought the shampoo. I liked the EverSleek and figured the EverCream would be even better.

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Evercreme has mineral oil. Some people try to steer clear of mineral oil. I personally enjoyed the thickness of it, but the scent became overwhelming by the time I finished the 3rd bottle. (I just wanted something different.) My hair didn't mind the mineral oil.

Beware the stuff in the tub if you are staying away from silicones. It contains amodimithicone. (As does the intense shampoo!) HTH
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