What natural product do you use for hold over FSG?

Just curious! I've been using just FSG but feel like I get a lot of frizz later in the day. My definition of "natural" isn't super strict, but I prefer my products to contain as little chemicals as possible. I'm not CG per se because I use shampoo bars once or twice a week, but I don't use sulfates or silicones. My hair is fine, porous, 3A, just past shoulders.

Not sure about for your hair type specifically, but I use BRHG and it's my HG (with a little CJ smoothing lotion under it all)
3b/fine/normal porosity/normal elasticity

LOVES behentrimonium methosulfate
(don't ask me to pronounce that!)

Want to grow it long again!
And simply want to figure out this hair of mine!
Not sure what kind of hold "natural" products are going to give you. Maybe you could tell us what you put in your FSG right now?
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

3b. fine & thick, coarse, dry, medium porosity. Sucks up product and loves ACVs! FSG is my HG!

Currently using:
Low Poo: TJ's Refresh No Poo: CoWash w/VO-5; Sonoma Soap Company sulfate-free poo
RO: Yes to Cuc; SSC Lavender Condish; Sally GVP LI: Donna Marie Miracle D&C
Style: FSG w/Aussie Instant Freeze & CIAB
I get it from Botticelli Botanicals on Etsy. Current formula includes agave nectar and hempseed oil. My hair has been looking great for a couple of hours and then puffing up and looking shapeless and frizzy.

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