Hair analysis worth it?

The title says it all. Is the analysis really worth your money? Was it helpful for those of you who did it? I can't for the life of me figure my hair out and I'm tired of killing my poor hair by throwing a million and one things at it. It looks awful right now. Any thoughts?
It is worth it to know your hair properties, but don't expect all your experimenting to go out the window. Once you know what your properties are visit the appropriate forums to learn what works you may still find conflicting information though. Don't depend too much on the product rec's but use them as a guide.
2B waves/ fine-med texture/normal porosity( I think?) trying to figure out my protein needs

AOGPB, SS Caitlins, Garnier Body Boost Condish
CJ Daily Fix or KC Come Clean
CJ Curl Fix is true LOVE
Love all SS products
Donna Marie Miragelly & my own FSG
AG MousseGel

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