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jaclyn15 09-02-2012 11:09 PM

Straightening stinks - lesson learned!
I went to a wedding this weekend and thought it would be nice to straighten my hair for a change. I've been CG for a year and haven't used a flat iron in about as long.

I surprised myself because I hated it!! First of all, I hate feeling like a high maintenance person... constantly checking the mirror and stressing about my hair. It was humid this weekend and I was running for cars and buildings to take cover in the air conditioning. When my hair is curly, a little frizz doesn't throw off my look, and I barely think twice about inclement weather.

I used to prefer the way that I looked with straight hair. Now, I think I look silly with it. I think my face and look is more suited to curls, and I didn't feel like myself without them! I'm so glad that I have started to see my natural beauty and appreciate it.

I have another wedding to attend in November, and I plan to find a beautiful hairstyle that embraces my natural curls!

Thank you to everyone here was helped me achieve my curly hair goals and helped me change the way I see myself!!!

Sweetumms 09-03-2012 09:53 AM

LOL I'm in the same boat as I type this! I decided to straighten on friday for the first time since last year for a change and to get an idea of my growth. I'm going to a rib fest today and am going to put it in a bun since its a humid day with high dews in my area or else I'll just end up looking like a frizz ball. I normally sleep with my hair in a pineapple and a bonnet but for this straight stuff I've had to wrap it, scarf it and put a bonnet on top cause the scarf kept slipping. Constantly smoothing and more combing than I've done in a year! Tonight I'm washing and sleeping like a normal person again..I can't

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