Had to wear hair straight for a special event

After about 3 weeks of stopping all heat and using the right products, deep conditioning, no silicones, wearing it curly, etc., I had to go to a special event and wanted to wear it straight. I insisted my hair dresser put low lights in because it had gotten too goldish-blond. She didn't want to but finally said she would put in a "few". Well, I have totally brown hair now (she put way too many in), which ruined my weekend. My skin looked very drab.

Well, back to my hair. It feels so silky, so smooth, one would never think it was damaged hair! Yes, I flat ironed it for 12 years and highlighted it longer than that. Yes, when I went to the DivaCurl trained hairdresser with my hair curly she said my hair felt damaged. She did the deep conditioning treatment and used the Diva products.

Was it all a temporary fix for my hair that my hair feels so good? Yes, what first told me that my hair might be damaged was when I went to use a very old curling iron to make loose curls after my hair was straightened and a little piece of my hair broke off. But none did after that. Could that have been because the curling iron was old?

I mean my hair feels wonderful! You see, I HATE my hair curly. I have tight curls, not pretty ones, and my hair is not long enough to allow for shrinkage and it is just too short when it is curly. And, to make it worse, I have bangs! Boy, do they look bad curly.

Yes, my curl pattern is not the same. But it's not that bad. There is just one area that the curl is straight - on one side in the front - one piece.

Can I have some views on this subject? Because if I have to go curly, I think I stated this in another post, I will stay in the house until my hair grows about 3 inches, and that's a long time. When curly it goes in a triangle and I can't have it curly cut because my neice's black-tie wedding is in 4 weeks when I will wear it straight and it would look funny with the bottom layers. In the meantime, my hair feels great!

Thanks for any input.
In the meantime you could french braid it when its curly...mmost likely the ends will be straight and begin to split

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