Good conditioner with silicones?

Can someone recommend a good, relatively healthy conditioner that HAS cones? Apparently I need them. My hair has been a big fuzzy mess ever since I stopped using them.

My hair is 2a, fine, low porosity.

Thanks for your help!
Mostly 2A; Fine and wavy
I'm a 2a/b, very fine, who also found no cones meant horribly fluffy hair.

Aussie Three Minute Miracle works well for me, it's very conditioning but rinses clean, so doesn't weigh me down, and has one cone, which smooths the worst of the fluff.

My latest find is the very expensive Moroccan Oil - full of cones but very light and conditioning. Just a tiny drop on wet hair, without any other conditioner or styling product, gives me smooth, bouncy curls which hold into the second day - and I haven't had any build-up problems yet with two weeks of use.

I can't quite believe how well it works, or that it will continue to work, but you might want to check it out.
I've only tried a few conditioners with non-water-soluble silicones and I can't say I was really impressed with them (I found that my hair feels worse when I use cones in shampoo or conditioner- I do much better with cones in styling products). Renpure has a newer conditioner (Sun & Surf, or something along those lines) that has amodimethicone. I got very good results with this one. And while it's not water soluble, amodimethicone doesn't build up the way that other cones can. I've also tried AG Curl Activating Conditioner and TIGI Curlesque Conditioner. I wasn't wowed by these at all. But, I did find AG Fast Food Leave-In was also amazing, if you would consider a LI. And it smells like raspberry jello!
But, I would be remiss if I didn't also offer some other suggestions (as I'm sure others will also do). Before anything else, I would do a clarifying wash with a sulfate shampoo that doesn't have silicones. If you can splurge a bit, Redken Fresh Curls is an amazingly gentle sulfate shampoo. Normally I would suggest cheap for a sulfate shampoo because for many people it's a one time deal. If you do choose to re-incorporate cones you will probably want to keep something on hand. Next, do a deep conditioning treatment. Since you have fine hair I would also consider trying some protein, unless you already know your hair is protein sensitive. If you do decide to use cones, you will want to make sure you're doing a deep conditioning treatment regularly. Next, I would take a look at what you've been using. Maybe your current products don't agree with your hair. Frizz can be a sign of lack of protein, product buildup (or just hair not liking a product), or technique. But the most common cause is a lack of moisture and regular use of silicones can feed into this.
I'm not going to say not to use cones (I use them myself, though usually rarely, and primarily only in styling products). But you want to make sure that you take steps to still get plenty of moisture into your hair. It can be done, but it requires a bit of thought and planning.

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In my pre-CG days I loved Aussie's 3min miracle.
In my CG days, I LOOOVES GFTN, but they reformulated to add cones. I haven't tried it since, but i would highly recommend giving that a shot!

Sally's has an Argan oil with cones that I used to LOVE - I believe it's "One and Only Argan Oil".

If you want a pricier option, again when I was pre-CG, I used Nexxus Humectress religiously.

Btw, you can use cones and still do a form of mod-cg! You can use a low-poo with coco betaine, and even likely co-was every other day. (you may find you need a sulfate poo every now and then.)

I have heard of people who go without cones in everything but an oil or serum, so they are only applying one layer of them.

Do you know what comes work well for you? Some aren't supposed to build up. I'll use amodimethicone occasionally - its bit supposed to build up in that it won't deposit more than one layer of itself, and it targets damaged areas. (GFTN has amodimethicone, for one.)

Not sure if that helps, but maybe it gives a few options!
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Thank you for all of the great suggestions! I tried the Garnier Fructis conditioner this morning. I can't tell yet if my hair is better because it's not dry yet.

I do deep clean with Aloe Rid several times a year when I use products with 'cones, but I've never done a deep treatment. What's a good one?

Can you find the Moroccan Oil at Whole Foods?

Thanks again!
Mostly 2A; Fine and wavy
I'm in the UK, so not much help to you over where to buy Moroccan oil. I thought I'd seen it in Curl Mart. Certainly there are threads on here about it, so it must be available in the US .
Can someone recommend a good, relatively healthy conditioner that HAS cones? Apparently I need them. My hair has been a big fuzzy mess ever since I stopped using them.

My hair is 2a, fine, low porosity.

Thanks for your help!
Originally Posted by FuzzyMonster
When I did use silicones, my favorite was Nexxus Humectress. It doesn't have too many. It leaves the hair very soft and easy to come through. That was my HG conditioner.

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Thank you all again so much! The GFTN conditioner is helping, but I do still have some frizz. I might try some of the other conditioners you mentioned, or maybe it's a matter of finding the right conditioner/styling product combination. It did better with the gel I used yesterday than the one I used today.
Mostly 2A; Fine and wavy

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