I've asked this before but...

Do any of you curly heads, say 3b's like me or others, have one small spot (mine is right on top) that is a much tighter, weirder curl than the others? I mean mine is a half inch wide piece that goes all the way down on top almost at my bangs (I only have a bob since I've just started this CG trek) - it looks like I'm wearing some kind of extension that got misplaced!! And it is SO noticeable! It surely can't be hidden in any way because my hair is not thick.

If it weren't there I don't think I would be as miserable (although right now I would still be miserable).

Does anyone who might be afflicted with this have any tricks up their sleeves or am I, as I think I am, just stuck with this look??
I constantly get asked if I'm wearing extensions. Because two spots at the back of my head, towards my neck, the hair grows a lot faster. And more so in the right spot than the left. So it looks very uneven. I cut it all the time but it grows that way time and time again. The curls are also looser down there which emphasizes it 10 times more. I'm 3b. :/

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My hair ranges from 2b to 3b, with (I think) a decent majority qualifying as 3a (FIA hair typing). I have wavy bits and whirly bits and curly bits and curlier bits all mixed in. I've found more consistency in my curl pattern as I've slowly learned how to pick to right products for my hair, which was a huge challenge for me- not because I had lots of issues with anything or everything, but just the opposite. My hair doesn't really react badly to anything, so it was hard to narrow down (at least if you have issues with particular ingredients you have a starting point). The other thing that helped was a really good haircut. I had lot of places where the weight of my hair was pulling out the curls (and then my new growth-and the frizz associated with new growth- was growing in as 3b and pulling away from the stretched out wavy bits). I still have a variety of curl patterns on my head, but the overall look has become more consistent and it generally looks more evened out now.

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