Big Chop! Whats my hair type. No defined curl

Okay, I finally did my big chop on September 7, 2012. My hair is still very frizzy. The back is cut shorter and the curls are way more defined. The front and sides are a bit longer but are barely defined once dry. Also very frizzy. I do not know my hair type either. Can anyone tell me from my profile picture? Thanks.
Definitely in the 4 category.. Maybe 4a?
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are you sure? my curls are pretty big, not kinky at all
Can you upload a picture here? :-)

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From the picture, they look to be in the 4s but I cant really tell.
Curls can be big and kinky. You could have kinky curly 3c hair. You could have 3b hair. You could have 4a hair. How can anyone tell if you don't post a pic? From your profile, it's hard to tell but it does LOOK 4ish. I guess I'm wondering...does it really matter?

ETA: If you say in the title of your OP that you don't have defined curls, I don't understand why you say in one of your posts you have big curls. Sorry, I simply don't understand that...

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Since you are a newbie, I want to say congrats to doing the big chop. I bet you are super eager to dive into the whole natural hair/curly hair thing. But you should know that curl type should be the least of your concern right now, especially after having just BC'd and not having enough hair to even determine what kind of curl is growing out. Just embrace the fact that you have curls but consider the shape as "to be determined"...

Curl type is neat to know (and when you get more length it'll be easier to tell) but right now, focus your energies on learning the other properties of your hair:

Texture: Is your hair (the individual strands) fine, medium, or coarse?

Porosity: How well does your hair receive and keep moisture?

Density: Lots of strands all over, or not so much?

Note: These factors will help you figure out what your individual protein/moisture balance is (everyone's ratio of moisture-to-protein is different), which will allow your hair's curl to define itself without much help from you...

This is more important when figuring out hair care and styling (like killing that frizz you mentioned). Again, since you have just done the big chop you're starting with a clean slate so you shouldn't have any problems with damage or other factors getting in the way of figuring out these properties. Should be easy peasy.

Trust me, start with these and it'll be a lot easier (I mean navigating these boards and your hair).

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I'm guessing between 3C and 4A since it gets curlier when it's shorter. Hope this helps.
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