Can I pull of a pixie cut?

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I've always admired short hair, I even cut mine at 9 years old, but due to, ahem, a not yet developed body, I was mistaken for a boy a few times, which scared me into never wanting to cut it again.
My boyfriend, one day, told me he'd think I'd look "cute" with short hair, a la Audrey Tautou (off screen or in our favorite movie, 'Amelie').
I've been playing with the idea for quite awhile. My main worries are:
What if I look silly, or it's not for me? What if it poofs up?
Here is my hair (this is after being slept on):
My face (hair down, please exuse my 'just woke up' face):
My face (hair up):

I've heard pixies can and can't work on different frames. I'm 5'4" and hourglass shaped.
I'm really looking forward to some advice

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Well I personally like your hair how it is. But just keep in mind that IF u do decided to cut it and IF it does poof up how long it may take to growback the way u wud like it?
maybe check out this link
And I on the other hand think that your hair now, kind of drags down and doesn't play up your features enough. You have such a beautiful face, i think a shorter cut would look stunning. You're gorgeous. Go for it. I wish i could pull something like that off.

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My plan right now is to cut it next summer when I move to Hamburg, Germany with my Schätzchen. We're going to be living in an edgier area (pubs, sex shops, and strippers, oh my!) so I almost feel it's appropriate.

I've been browsing the web for inspiration and cuts I'd like and these are the main pictures I'm obsessed with:

What are some good things to tell the stylist to get the look I want? Anything about layers? Does it really just depend on how good they are/how much they talk to you about it?
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I see some gorgeous pixie cuts in Germany on Youtube. Most everyone has straight hair so they will probably cut your hair too short. Stylist that are used to cutting straight hair are confused by shrinkage. But a good cut is still a good cut, just give the cut a month to grow out a little. You are going to look amazing.
Omgggggg I think you would kill the second pic!!!! I say yes you should!!! 2nd pic DEFINITELY!!! And I would play with light brown highlights with dark blonde tips...

Lots of Luck, Love, ... And Curls!!!
And you are GORG BTW

Lots of Luck, Love, ... And Curls!!!
I think any of the last 3 cuts would look great on you, I really like no. 2! You definitely have the face for a pixie :3 I usually take a photo to the stylist or read up on the details of the cut to tell the stylist, then I ask for his/her input

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I think you can absolutely pull off a pixie with your features. Even though you don't look the slight bit boyish, you may still get called "sir." I got sir even in a skirt when I had my hair pixie short.

Some frustrations I had with hair that short--I have fairly thick hair that gets bigger with heat and humidity, so my short hair never quite looked like the pictures you posted. I think most of those ladies with the exception of Carrie Mulligan look like they have fairly fine hair or a lower density of hair than I had.

Aside from it not turning out the way I expected, it was high maintenance outside of my house--I had to get it cut by someone who could thin and texturize the heck out of it every 4 to 6 weeks or it would look like a mushroom head. I had best luck at the time with an Aveda concept stylist.
If you feel like you have a lot of hair, it will seem even thicker the shorter you cut it. Just something to keep in mind. Good luck and enjoy Germany!
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(wishful thinking on my part)
I don't think you could pull it off, generally the distance from the bottom of the ear lobe to the chin has to be less than 5.5cm, the distance between your earlobe and chin looks like more. But if you really want to do it then do, you will regret it if you don't. Just bear in mind styling is time consuming for girls with curly/wavy hair.
You definitely have the face for it!
It will look great on you. Keep in mind: it's hair. It will grow back.
Don't do it if you're not ready! If you've thought about this enough and really want it - go for it!

Also, congrats on moving to Hamburg! I also live in Germany but in a much "edgier" city than Hamburg. ;-P
You are super cute and you'd look great with short hair! Your features are kind of lost under your long hair, shorter hair would give your features a chance to stand out.

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After nearly a month of going back and forth, I did it! I'm excited to play with it and see what I can do This is after getting home from the salon. Hopefully the picture shows up.
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I love this cut! It looks so sophisticated on you!
Love it! You look beautiful!

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Looks great!
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