major split ends!!

i do not know what to do anymore. I have been trying to grow my hair out FOREVER. I finally gave up straighteners, blow dryers, dyes, chemicals, ex. last winter...i got a few good trims since then. I only shampoo once a week, I use coconut oil on my hair frequently and I never ever brush it, I only detangle it with a comb and conditioner in the shower... I think Im doing everything right...but why are my strands still sooo bad and split!!! I want to go chop it all off, but Im scared its not even worth it because every time I get inches taken off the splits are still there!!!! what do i do about these split ends?
just have patience & pay attention to what exact part of your routine you think might be causing more split ends. also, make sure you're eating healthy so that your hair is strong.
Mulatto, Long 3B Hair
Are you trimming them yourself or getting them trimmed professionally? If the shears aren't sharp enough (they push hair instead of cutting right through) then they'll actually CAUSE split ends. So careful with that. Another thing is to try argan oil, I use the silicone free one from Pro Naturals and it prevents split ends wonderfully. Helps a ton with frizz too,
I can so relate. I've been dealing with the same issue. I gave up shampooing, combing heat, got a trim, trimmed myself - baggied, pre-pooed everything and my ends were still ragged. This past weekend I got it blown out to get a straight trim and I'm hopeful that this will work. I also have been trying to cut out proteins as I think I'm protein sensitive. I also had color which I chopped most of it off because I think that was contributing to my raggedy ends. Good luck and try to preserve as much hair as you can because if trimming isn't working it may be something else that you can fix without cutting.

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