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jmir 12-11-2003 01:59 PM

is it really OK to use water soluable cones?
Almost ALL of my products contain one of the 2 water soluable cones. I have not been able to find any deep treatements, leave-ins, or good conditioners that are completely cone free ( I don't live in the US, I know there are plenty there).

So even though they are water soluable, they are in my hair all the time. I rinse out yesterdays leave-in when I wash but by the time I get out of the shower there is some fresh amodimethicone coating each hair.

Does the CG book really allow the water soluable cones? Has anyone experimentd with this? Is a water soluable cone as good as no cones?

Enafae 12-11-2003 02:19 PM

I use the a -cone everyday. I have used Dove Intense Moisture Conditioner since it was first brought out and my hair does great with it. I have done the CG routine for over a year now so I don't use shampoo. IMHO long as it is water soluable, and you at least rinse it well, there should be no buildup.

curlyamzippity 12-11-2003 02:53 PM

so which cones are water soluble and which ones aren't?

hehehe... scratch that. i just came across an interesting pdf on a webpage. it lists certain cones, what they're used for and if they're water soluble. it's a company list, so it might not have them all, or more specific cones, but it's interesting, none-the-less.
here's the link!! :D :D

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