Formal Curly Hairstyles

I have an event coming up soon and I want a nice hairstyle to wear. A while ago I would have just straigtened my hair, but I've completely stopped doing that (yay me!) But I'm not sure what kind of style would hold up well with my EXTREMELY thick curly hair, but I really want to look my best for this event. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appriciated!

There are some here

I dont know how posh you wanna go, some of those look VERY fancy, almost wedding dayish. I like the ones piled on the head, but for ever so thick hair, it might not stay up. Perhaps half piled up, and the rest styled into big fat spirales?

I find it helpful to search for awards night pics of curly celebs. The faithful ones who dont have it ironed on any formal event usually have some stunning 'do. If you want to go BIG check out Andi Mc Dowell in this pic!

Hope this helps a little

Liz x
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...
Most of those hairstyles probably wouldn't work on my hair :P Its really difficult to style it fancy, because it always ends up not staying in place or just looking very strange.
i love charlize therons hair in "the devils advocate" it looks formal when she has it both clipped and down

you could clip your hair back with a diamante hair claw - that would make it look really pretty...

if all else fails, you could always buy a hairpiece, like a ponytail or a bun and then attach it to your hair!!
Those are quite nice Maybe I'll try them out and see if they look alright with my hair =P

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