What's my curl type?

Hello everyone, I'm newly natural trying to figure things out. I have no idea what my curl pattern is, I've looked at pictures and read descriptions with no luck. If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate your input.

Please excuse the quality of the pics. I had to take them myself in the mirror.

What's my curl type?-20121003_202007.jpg

What's my curl type?-20121003_202437.jpg

What's my curl type?-20121003_202444.jpg

What's my curl type?-20121003_201319.jpg

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Not easy is it? Lol I have three textures in my hair, but looking at your pictures your hair is definitely coily....like corkscrew coils. Now I see the front is looser and as it goes to the middle its very kinky tight. All in all I would describe your hair as KINKY COILY

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Thanks for the info, so does that make me a 4a,4b or 4c or some combination of? It's definitely not easy, lol.
Looks 3c 4a/b to me. Kinky doesn't automatically mean 4 type. There are kinky 3s & silky 4s.
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It is confusing when it comes to type 3c to 4a hair, but combination sounds right to me....you're definitely more in the type 4s like she said w/ 3c in the front

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