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Res 10-04-2012 04:11 PM

Scalp and products

I got a hair cut today - which I love. I also love how my scalp feels after they shampoo my hair. I am not strictly CG. I don't use cones but I will use shampoo once in awhile.

My scalp just felt so clean and not itchy. I think it's a mixture of them using less product and very little if any at all near the scalp. My scalp also felt tingly, I think the shampoo has tea tree oil.

I often have itchy scalp. Which I treat with tea tree oil But my scalp just feel so good.

I ordered some Giovanni shampoo, the one with tea tree.

But maybe I am not scrubbing my scalp as much as I need to? Maybe I am putting product on my scalp?

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