so, i'm kind of ashamed to say that i don't like going out with wet hair in 40F degree weather when there's people dealing with -3f out there, but it's true! i live in north florida and we've been having 30-40 degree weather in the morning when i have to leave for school and i've been sick so it just makes it worse to have to go out with wet hair. Anyways, the poing is that i can't get diffusing to work for me,
i have 3a-b hair and i've tried everything ( diffusing upside down, the pixiecurl-method, etc) and my hair always ends up undefined and frizzy, i have a vidal sassoon bd, anybody have any tips or maybe products that work well with diffusing????
thanks ladies!

oh, i switch between boots, recoil, Loob, curls milkshake, curls souffle, and always use joiwhip. I also switch between Devacurl OneC, Jessiculr Aloeba and B2B pomegranate,
if you get good results diffusing with any of these products let me know, :P
Very modified CG. Activate and B2B pomegranate Condish. Re:coil, Joiwhip, LOOB, HE set me up and orange bottle. Boots, cant' remember anymore.
In a place where dry and burned straight hair is so common my wild spanish curls are my greatest weapon!