Check out these gorgeous waves!

I would love to have those waves and her length (Sophia Bush):
Very pretty! That actually looks like when they take a 3b and straighten it out some. They do that to Jolie Fisher on Till Death. She has much much curlier hair naturally but they're always bringing it down to just waves or looser curls.
I wonder how they do that anyway
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
I wonder too. Sometimes I want to do that for a chance of style without completely going straight.
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Indeed it is beautiful, but the first two words that come to mind are "Extensions" & "curling iron". He he - yeah, I'm just jealous!

That's what mine goes like without product in it kinda touseled.

Of course, mine's blonde so it doesn't look lovely and glossy :P
I'm sure yours is lovely as well blueberri! I'm just glad more people are showing curly/wavy love in magazines!!
Her hair is awesome! Who is Sophia Bush anyway? Thanks!
3B, with oodles and oodles of curly hair!
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I think the romantic connotation of curls is finally making its effect felt in the media.

I love it. Down with the perception that hair has to be set like concrete, solid, straight, and tamed so much it won't even bother moving.

Curls and waves are so much more alive
I have to agree that this looks like a combo of extensions and a curling iron. Her hair looks very fine (as mine is), and while I can get that kind of length, the layers needed for this kind of look eliminates her level of thickness at the ends. My stylist loves extensions for herself, and looks very similar with hers in.

The thing I hate about seeing this kind of look is that I start believing that I can do this with my own hair. I tend to straighten mine with velcro rollers (which doesn't get it completely straight), and my ends form similar curls (thought not as thick). I am just useless with a curling iron, though, so the top just looks straight-ish or wavy.

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