Ponytail help

I put my hair into a ponytail for working out a lot

And I have a lot of damaged hair at the crown, which I'd like to not make any worse.

I have been using those silicone ones from Goody for the last year or so.
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We're here to help! But what exactly is your question? The best things to do to avoid any further damage are to not make your ponytail too tight, and don't keep it in all day. Try to take it down at night, to give your hair a break, and try to switch up styles every now and then. Frequent ponytail-ing (not a word, lol!) can really put stress on the hair. Can you do buns and braids? These are perfect for any occasion, even exercising!

Another option is to make sure that the ponytail holder you are using doesn't have a little metal clip on it, which can snag the hair and possible rip it, resulting in breakage. I don't know what the Goody ones look like, but if they don't have the metal clips on them, then you're good to go! This, and just keeping your hair healthy should stop and possibly prevent any further damage! Hope I helped!
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My new favorite thing are these. You can find them just about anywhere these days. They don't tug but still hold pretty secure.

If you don't want to invest in a whole pack, I saw a set of 2 at Walmart yesterday for $1.
My solution is loose-fitting scrunchies. Yes, they sometimes get derided as 80s-throwbacks, but they don't snap or snag at my thick hair or cause any breakage.
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