Protein-sensitivity: noticeable when on 'cones?

I've been puzzling over the whole could-I-be-protein-sensitive-and-if-so-would-this-product-be-a-waste issue today, and I started wondering:

Is it only when you knock out things like 'cones and sulfates that you have/realize you have protein sensitivity? Do the 'cones and their frizz-diminishing capabilities just get rid of the protein sensitive frizz and dry feeling so you don't know until you stop using them?

I think my condish has milk proteins, but it also has dimethicone. (Suave healthy curls) I know it prolly doesn't have as much protein as some really good ones, but still, I would have reacted by now if I were sensitive, right?

Thanks for reading my puzzled questions!

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Using cones didn't disguise my protein sensitivity. Way back when I was straightening all the time I thought I could do with a protein treatment but it was a disaster, my hair felt more like straw than ever. I used cone-laden stuff all the time then, so I guess protein sensitivity will out, whatever is being used. I can use some proteins now, in very small amounts, but would never do an actual treatment again.
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I think the reason for noticing a protein problem is not avoiding cones but avoiding sulfate shampoos. Shampooing regularly probably prevents protein buildup.
I think the reason for noticing a protein problem is not avoiding cones but avoiding sulfate shampoos. Shampooing regularly probably prevents protein buildup.
Originally Posted by SuZenGuide
This makes sense to me. I never noticed it until I quite using sulftes, and even then it took awhile for the sensitivity to become a major issue. It was only wheat at first.

Wild_sasparilla, maybe you hair can handle milk proteins, but not others. Or, maybe it's low protein enough so that you can handle it.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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ONce I got hair that behaved I notice when there's a change. It's probably enhanced by the lack of shampooing out stuff my hair doesn't like or doesn't like very much of.
I generally don't notice protein but boy I can tell when I use it now that I've been off it a while. Cones too, my hair is real different when even a water soluable is on my hair. Not bad different necessarily but I'm real sensitive to it now and so is my hair.
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It's been almost 3 years but I used to use 'cones and when I did I remember trying Ouidads stuff, shampoo, conditioners and gel. I know that it made my hair feel like straw and her line has alot of proteins in them. I would say that it would do it regardless of 'cone use.
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Thanks for the responses, curlies! All of these are very good points, and I'm making note so I can share what you said in the future! So many possibilities, the only way to tell is to try...redcelticcurls, I had forgotten about how some curlies are only sensitive to some proteins, I'll have to remember that.

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