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ama935 02-06-2007 06:36 AM

anyone use rollers?
I would always love to use big rollers to redefine my curls and hopefully have them stay the way i want
but i think velcro rollers would give me frizz, right? what other kinds are there
i would love to hear some peoples suggestions! Thanks!

Botanicalcurls 02-06-2007 09:01 AM

I use velcro rollers quite often in the winter months to avoid a wet head in the a.m. I just CO wash my hair, then condition, leaving some in. I turban for a few minutes so my hair isn't soaking wet, then add just a little bit of gel, then the rollers. I get the best results when I let it air dry, but I have a hood dryer for when it's too cold and those results aren't bad either. It's pretty poofy at first, but not frizzy at all for me; my hair is short, if your hair is longer, the poof probably wouldn't be an issue. I usually do this before bed and it's smashed down enough by the a.m. that I can just get up, run my fingers through my hair and head off to work. I can get several days wear out of one roller styling; good thing the bedhead look is acceptable these days! It's a nice change w/o all the damage from blowfrying and flat ironing.

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