Any other daily washers??

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I admit it! I shampoo my hair daily! I tried co-washing my hair and it didn't look or feel good at all. I've never been able to pull off a second day do - plus I workout each day. I also prefer silicone because when I eliminate it, my hair is dull and unhappy. I did switch to sulfate free shampoos and now I'm on the hunt for a conditioner with silicone that is water-soluable. Can anyone recommend one?
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Typical 3a!
*raises hand* I do all of that. ^.^ Pretty much same experience.
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These are silicone free (or water soluble silocone).
Tresemme Nourishing Conditioner
Hair Rules Conditioner (Quench something)
Wen Conditioners (various)
I usually shampoo and condition my hair every day. No major drying issues.
I use Hair One no sulfate conditioning cleanser every day. I don't think I'm regulated enough on it to start skipping days. When I was using shampoo I could never skip (well, I tried) but my hair wasn't styled curly then, either. My problem was that my curls and kinks would rise up over night and I'd have wacky parts that no amount of straightening would fix. Especially in the back under the top layer.

I don't think it's terrible to wash every day. And since I'm not stripping my hair, I feel like it's only helping. But I think if I went back to shampoo, and styled curly, and washed every day... well... I'd look like a clown. Minus the bright red color. Eek!
The L'oreal conditioners have water soluble cones, at least in my country they all have. I prefer some Pantene myself, since they are a bit thicker, and I use sulfates again. Why do you need water soluble conditioners if you shampoo everyday?
I tried going the no shampoo route and while the curls are better my hail feels too oily.
Why do you need water soluble conditioners if you shampoo everyday?
Originally Posted by Lianna
That's a good point! I use sulfate free shampoo though... Will that remove any silicone left from my conditioner? If so, then problem solved! lol...
Typical 3a!
I wash daily, always have, always will. I am CG but I do not wash with conditioner or a conditioning cream, tried it, hated it. I do not use sulfates or cones. In general, I am very happy with my hair, the look and feel of it. I shampoo with the SM shampoos; my conditioner for the most part is Cure Care (Sally's) or Giovanni Silk deep conditioner; I style with Biotera Gel under Deva Foam. Periodically I look for an alternative to the foam, but have not found anything I like better, or even as much as, although this could change as the weather gets colder. My hair is 3A/3B.
I also wash everyday. I tried the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner from Trader Joes called "Tea tree tingle" which was ok at first but my hair felt very dry, like hay even with the conditioner. Aveeno makes great sulfate free products but I switched back to herbal essence lol
Another daily cleanser here. I primarily use cleansing conditioner or co-wash but rotate in a gentle sulfate shampoo once in a while. I do martial arts for 2-3 hours a day, 3-5 days a week, so there's no way I can pull of second day hair.

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