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lyriclove22 10-21-2012 01:12 PM

Texlaxed Hair
Hello Curlies,

I've transitioned nearly 2 years ago from relaxed tresses and started wearing my natural hair freely about 2 months ago. Before then, it was micro braids and sew ins for me. I thought it was long enough by then, so after 2 years, I tried the stretching techniques for a few days and got frustrated with the shrinkage. Since I was trying out styles with my natural hair a week before classes began, I decided that I wanted it longer and was going to relax it again. I didn't see myself having time to upkeep it also (at the time). 2 months ago, I used a relaxer for delicate, thin hair and since I have kinky textured hair, all it did was stretch my hair while keeping my curly pattern. Technically it is still chemically altered but it still looks natural without the mega shrinkage. So I guess I cheated. Since it is longer looking now, I am SO glad it did not relax it ALL the way! Does this mean I will still have to continue to texlax it, do a BC, or do a gradual chop? I am hoping to just keep growing it and wearing it natural.

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