Between hair dressers again probably, hate it.

I am most likely between hair dressers again. Mine cuts REALLY well but she forgets appointments, reschedules and now cancelled my appointment one day ahead saying she can't work Saturdays any more. I called her back and she hasn't returned my call. I have been thinking about leaving before, but it is soooo hard to find a hair dresser that doesn't give "farmer/red neck cuts" in this town, so I stayed with her.

So I think I need to look for someone else. It is just so darn hard. I feel it is like playing roulett.

Just needed to vent at a place I know people would understand how bad the search for a good hair dresser can be. And how bad a bad cut can be...
As annoying as that must be, I would probably stick with her unless you can find someone else that is as good or better. I was actually contemplating going to one of the curl consultants I'd been to originally (three times) because she is closer than the other one I wanted to go to, and my other favorite is always booked solid for a month in advance, but all I kept thinking was how awful she cut my hair last time. Needless to say I decided not to risk it again. If her fault was a timing problem, then I could handle it a little better I think. But bad haircuts, no way.
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Yeah, I have been thinking that way up until now. She has always been flaky it seems. One time I was going on a Saturday. I went, she never came, I called her on my cell phone after about 30 minutes and she had completely forgotten me. So she said she was gonna cut my hair on Sunday instead. I went, she didnšt come, so there was another male hair dresser there that said he would help me instead because now I had been waiting for two days there. So he started looking at my hair, it was like 40 minutes passed my appointment and then she stepped in the door. So she cut my hair that time because he hadn't started and I got it for free. So I kept on going.
I dunno, she has always been bad with that stuff, but cuts really well like I said, I haven't been unhappy once I think. I think I have gone there for 2 years now?
The thing is that I probably will not be able to get a cut during the weeks, so Saturday is my only option it looks like.

I dunno. If she calls me back this time (I called on Friday) I'll see if I can possibly go on a Friday afternoon or something, but if she doesn't call...Nah, it is time to move on.
I know what you mean though.
I am gonna be brave! I scheduled an appointment on Saturday with a woman that has curly hair herself and it said this about her on their homepage: "She specializes in naturally curly and wavy hair and its unique challenges."

She was very nice on the phone. This place is cheaper and they are open on Saturdays.

I hope it goes well. Wish me luck!
Hope it goes well!!! Then you won't have to deal with miss scatter-brained any longer!
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
Hope it goes well!!! Then you won't have to deal with miss scatter-brained any longer!
Originally Posted by lushaholic
I'll let you know how it goes.

I mean to ask you soething looking ath your latest pictures. It said you get more frizz from using a micro fiber towel that paper towels?
I have had troubles getting a lot of frizz with my microfiber towel. Been thinking I need to look for something else. Papare towels is kinda spendy in the long run though it seems.
Did you vere try that other special towel Curlmart sells? Curlease..or something.
Not Lush, but I also use those paper towels sometimes. I use the Kleenex Viva ones that are very clothy feeling. The nice thing is that they are sturdy, so i rinse them off and hang them to dry. This way, I get 3-4 uses out of them before I toss them. It's still more expensive than a microfiber towel, but it's really not that bad if you can reuse them for a few days each.
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Nope haven't tried the curlease. BUT!! You know what I get the best results with? Those Wettex towel thingies. Not the spongy ones, but the ones that are about the size of two paper towels, and they're thicker than paper towels and much more absorbent, yet they're some kind of cross between paper and cloth. I think they're like 20-25 kronor for a pack of 5. Not to mention you just keep reusing them. I love them! If you want a pack let me know and I can send you some because they are sooo light and shouldn't cost more than 20 kronor to send.
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Thanks you two.

I'll pass on that Lush. Thanks though. I am scared of getting stuck on something I can't find here. Isn't it great when you start finding stuff in your new country that really works. There rae stuff over here that I can't imagine to live with out now.

My hair is very healthy, but the dry winters up here makes it wanna frizz real bad. The MFT hasn't helped. So I have been combing it after I put my leave in in. It gets straighter that way. In a way I like it and in another I really don't. Not sure what to do.
If I keep it a little shorter it frizzes less.
good luck on the new stylist.

How unprofessional to "forget" an appointment.

Frizz Happens!

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On the subject of towels...

Have you tried cloth diapers? Sounds silly, but they seem to
work pretty well, and they're not expensive.

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My old stylist got really flakey when he and his wife split up. He would just disappear and the salon would say they didn't know when he'd be back. So, I found someone *better*, so there! Old stylist called me last month and said he'd changed salons (because he lost his drivers' license and has to walk to work, I am sure it was a DWI) and wanted me to come back. Nope!

Edited to add that I hope your new stylist is way better and you will never miss the old unreliable one.
Yep, I am ctually feeling good about going somewhere else. I felt I had enough of the flaky-ness.

I'll let you know how it goes. Possibly with pictures.

Cloth diapers sounds scary. I' ll have to look at them in the store.
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On the subject of towels...

Have you tried cloth diapers? Sounds silly, but they seem to
work pretty well, and they're not expensive.

Originally Posted by omystars
There are days when I look at my pricey CurlEase towel and wonder if a diaper would work just as well.
So I got the cut, or let us name it by its proper name; "the butcher".
It is the ugliest, nasties you could ever imagine and it is shoooort. I mean it is a short hair cut. Not a bob even. I look like the ugliest 80's...I can't even find words. She cut and she cut and she cut....... I got paler and paler.
I can't post pictures. I am planning on wearing a hat until it grows out, whick will be some time next spring.
She couldn't cut curly hair at all.

I look like a 60 year old woman now. With 80's helmet hair. Terrible. I officially hate hair dressers.
How can "yes, I am happy with the length I have" (my hair reached my shoulders) turn into a short hair cut?????

It looks repulsive to me. No curls left at all.
Oh honey I'm so incredibly sorry. How could she be so thoughtless?!? I'm not going to say 'I'm sure it's not as bad as you think' or anything like that because I know you must be extremely upset and rightfully so. Yes, it will grow but I know it's not fair that you should have to wait for it to grow when you didn't ask to be butchered. Usually when it is cut quite short it does seem to grow faster though because you're not used to the short length. Make sense? Vent all you want! Kram!
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oh kurlee ...

i'm so sorry. i know that feeling, i've been there before, and it is so devastating. i hope it grows out very quickly for you, and that it looks better and better every day until then.


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Thank you girls. You warmed my heart.

Yeah, lets hope it will grow fast and look better later.

I washed it and put in some leave in and ArcAngell. It is still wet so who knows how it will turn out. I hope at least I can get rid of the 80's look of it by styling it different. Maybe use a pin to "spice it up" some.
I just don't get hair dressers.

(At least my husband now understands why I worry about going to a new hair dresser. )

Oh, Kurlee. I am so sorry. :x Please post the name of the butcher on the salon section, to save other Alaskan curlies. I had a hairstylist like this in Salt Lake, my hometown. She was so good, but soooo flakey. In the end, I would call her 30 minutes before my appt, & if I couldn't reach her, I would assume she wasn't coming. It got better when she began to work from her home. She had 3 small kids, & apparently a recreational drug habit. None of which I was interested in knowng about, so long as she showed up & cut my hair! Which she did, about 70% of the time.

Here, I've finally found a great stylist; like the other, she is a straightie, but understands curls, & is totally fine w/ the no/low 'poo philosophy. She's pretty 'out there' too: fire engine red dye job & 80s rock blasting in her salon -- but she's professional in keeping appt's. Yay! I only get a cut about twice per year anyway.

But my advice, having dealt with this too, is: put up with the flakey stylist until you can find better, & try to call & confirm right before. Have an alternate plan for your time if she flakes.And any new stylist, for the first time, I insist they cut my hair DRY, & I watch, & if I feel uncomfortable I stop them instantly. They can always take off more next time. It's hard to be assertive, but you must. And if it's terrible, refuse to pay. It's hard when you're raised to be polite, but if they disregard your specific request, you can do it, & feel good about it.

So sorry, & know it will grow. In the meantime, post your bad review on every local site as well as here, & if you feel up to it, call & politely complain to the manager.
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I really have no clue how to find a good hair stylist. I mean this one sounded like she knew what she was talking about. Cut with the hair not against it, had curly hair herself, talked about looking what my hair wanna do when it is dry and cut after that and so on. I don't get it.

Yeah, I might go back to the flakey hair dresser next time instead. Or be brave and keep on looking for a new one.. My hair is ruined anyways so why not look around when then things can't get worse.

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