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I use the curl keeper as my finisher styler. Its the last thing I apply after my gel. I haven't used it in a while but I still have some, maybe I would pull it out this weekend.
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I'm pretty excited.... I analyzed the curl keeper website and then bit the bullet and ordered some. Just tried it, and I am pretty impressed so far. I used a lot, as per the website's directions. No leave in conditioner. Normally I don't put products in soaking wet and I don't air dry. This time I tried to follow the directions and put lots in wet hair and then air dried for about a half hour. When I couldn't take the wet dog look any longer I flipped over and diffused. I can't believe it but the product held up fairly well. The hold is ok but next time I will probably layer a harder hold gel over top but I am pretty impressed with what it does on its own
I haven't gone a day without CK since I started CG last summer! Love it and am not brave enough to skip it, bc my gets gets frizzy sooo easily. If it weren't for CK I would not feel comfortable wearing my hair naturally curly & would still be straightening!
Edited to say that I use a generous amount mixed with a little CJ SASmoothing lotion, then some medium-strong hold gel, and some OCC gel on top & diffuse after plopping. Depending on the gel, I sometimes don,t even get much crunch to scrunch out later, with good hold.

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I suggest that you'd be better off diffusing your hair first (to about 85% dry), then letting it air dry the rest of the way. It's the last part of drying which often creates frizz. That's Lorraine Massey's method, and I've found that it works extremely well for me. My best guess is that it's possible to over dry your hair, and that if you do, your individual hairs will reach out for moisture in the air, and that's frizz. When you let it finish drying without the blowdryer, the moisture in your hair equalizes with the moisture in the air, and there's less frizz in my experience.

I love CurlKeeper, and call it my Magic Hair Potion. In high dew points (over 60F), it doesn't give enough hold, and generally benefits from having a layer of gel over it. However, it can work to cocktail it (mix it in your hand before squishing it in) with a gel. If I'm using Boots Curl Creme or A|G re:coil curl activator also, which I'm almost always doing, as using one or the other helps even out my curl, I apply that first, as CurlKeeper closes your cuticle, and there wouldn't be much point in using a curl activator if it couldn't get into the hair.

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