Need help with my pictures!

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I took some hair pictures recently, tried doing them myself because I feel silly asking people to take pictures of my hair. I took some of my reflection in the mirror, but obviously there was too much light because I got some serious glare - i.e., Should I not use the flash (but I'm not sure you can operate the camera w/o it (I use disposables)? I guess it would've helped to hold the camera away from me there, but that would've looked a little silly!

I wanted some close-up pics but I didn't hold my camera out far enough apparently (I have short arms too) because my head was great big and my eyes and skin were white and glowing like an alien's. Part of that may've been that I was too close to a lamp. What am I doing wrong? How do you guys get those cute little albums of pics? I can't even get my pictures to come out decently, let alone put them into an album! To get the smaller sized pics that you use in your avatars - are you putting your pics into an album first and using the thumbnails as your avatars? I had my pics put on a picture CD, but I can't play with them in the picture viewer program. Help, I don't want to waste anymore film!

If your pics are on a CD, you will need to explore the CD itself, then right click on the pics, copy, and paste them to your documents before you can tinker with them. To alter them you need a paint program like paintshop or photoshop. I think you can resize and crop in windows paint, but i find it awkward.

I dont think you can ever use flash in your mirror,, you will always get that bad glare effect. I've used my cellphone for most of mine. I dont like the colour it makes my skin, and its pretty unforgiving, but its quick and easy! Disposables will require development before you can see any results.

The albums are done for you when you sign up to fotki. Its free, you just add the pics to the albums by clicking "add". The website does the thumbnails for you too. The on-site instructions are pretty user-friendly.

Hope this helps a little

Liz x
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Join Date: Dec 2006
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Thanks Zeldagoblin ~ I don't think I can take picturse on my cellphone. It's a pretty basic one. sounds like a good idea, though. Yeah, windows paint is what I use to edit pics with now. Not much you can do on it, can't adjust the lighting. Oh well, hopefully next time I can do more with the lighting and maybe use a better camera so the pics will come out better and won't need brightened/darkened, etc.
Yeah, you can't use a flash in a mirror like that, it's just going to be reflected back at you. Unless it automaticaly flashes you shouldn't have to use it, it wasn't automatic when I used disposables anyway (I always had to charge the flash and wait for it.) It is difficult to take a good picture of yourself!
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If you want to edit digital pics, download Picasa from Google ( It's a free photo organizer and editor. I got it after I read a recommendation in Consumer Reports magazine. It works great *and* it's free!

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