Devachan or Ouidad?

I'm going on a a cruise next month with some friends and I will be spending alot of time outdoors. I'm concerned about damaging my hair from the harsh environments such as the sun, wind, etc. I've tried Ouidad's Deep Treatment and loved the results. Now I think I would like to try the Summer Shield Beach & Pool spray. I'm anxious to hear if anyone has tried it. I think this may be the product that I may need for my cruise. After all, I'd like my hair to look good on my cruise, who knows I might meet the man of my dreams!
I tried it last summer. It is okay, but I really dislike the smell of it. I have a pool and usually spray my hair before I go in, but I also wear a hat when I am not swimming. I didn't see much difference between it and botanical boost. Just my 2 cents.

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