What will my curl type be? (TWA Pics)

Just recently BC on August.1st and I can't wait til' my hair grow out, so I'm juiced to know what my hair type is and will be. I can't tell because it's short, but I'm asking because maybe someone hair looked like mine after they BC and they could tell me what I am because their hair may be similar to mine.

The top (middle/center) and back of my head are the same it's more of wavish type look for now, it's not a full circular type curl yet.. like my sides are in full curl motion, so idk how it's gonna' look. My curls on the sides of my head are definitely different from my top middle/center and back area. I couldn't get pictures of the back of my hair because it's too hard to do, but the back is similar to the top, so it doesn't matter. In these pics it's basically just a wash'n go both wet and dry with Giovanni Direct Leave In and finger combing.
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What will my curl type be? (TWA Pics)-1350844273-picsay-1.jpg   What will my curl type be? (TWA Pics)-1351014579-picsay-1-1.jpg   What will my curl type be? (TWA Pics)-1350850344-picsay-1-1.jpg   What will my curl type be? (TWA Pics)-1349397538-picsay-1.jpg  
Nice hair....maybe 3b/c

OMG The convenience of the TWA!!! I can only imagine how great it is.

Currently: grazing bsl straight
Would love to be MBL straight by the end of 2014
Don't know how long that would be straight lol

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