Is trimming hair necessary

I've been natural for about 10 months. I started to think a trim can't hurt. I've known people to go years with a trim and straighten their hair daily. Would it be a waste of my time?

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Personally I try to get my hair trimmed every few months. Its important for hair health for it reduces split ends. I don't think it should be done too frequently though.

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I believe yes to get rid of split ends but how often varies. All the people I have seen on YT who say they never trim have ends that to me look raggedy. But maybe some people like that look.
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I'm a stylist. I definitely think the occasional trim is necessary. What happens if you don't trim is those little split ends will start to grow and split all the way up the shaft of the hair. Especially if you're wanting to grow out your hair as the longer the hair is the older it is. I don't however necessarily recommend trimming as often as most stylists (I know, I'm an oxymoron.)

If you want to grow out your hair I recommend just keeping an eye on your ends. When you start to tangle, have dry crunchy ends and see more frizz that's when I'd trim. Some people can do that every three months, others less, others more. If you just want to maintain where you're at then I recommend about once a month getting a slight trim.

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