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CaribbeanCurls2 10-30-2012 05:45 PM

Need help for more volume!!!
Ok, so this is my first time on here! And I'm hoping to find ways to have a lot more volume in my hair. I have 2c type of curly hair where it's wavy/straight at my roots and turns into spiral/ringlets at the bottom. And my hair is about 5 inches past my shoulder (when I pull my hair straight) so its actually pretty long. I wash my hair every other day with sulfate free shampoo and condition my hair every day. I use Moroccan oil intense curl cream and oil treatment, and Jane Carter leave in conditioner spray. I "plop" my hair with a cotton long sleeve shirt overnight so I have curlier hair in the morning, but then through mid day, it goes limp again!!! Does anyone have tips for me?! Thx!

seamelody14 10-30-2012 06:11 PM

Those products are all pretty heavy, are you sure they're not weighing you down? I have fine waves/curls and I like volume. I use a light curl creme (CCCCL) and lately I've been experimenting with mousse, and I'm loving the results. Also going CG has helped a lot with overall curl formation.

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