frizzy, undefined curls!

Okay so I recently got the Chi Enviro treatment, which is an all natural protein treatment meant to reduce the frizz in your hair but not straighten. So before the Chi Enviro i attempted the CG method and it worked a couple years ago but lately it hasn't been working well at all which motivated me to get the Chi Enviro. So I got it and the results were amazing at the salon and the first time i washed my hair it dried soo pretty.
But now my hair is just so undefined and looks very dry and sticks out. My outer layers is very frizzy and the top is awkward looking, but it is really pretty underneath, nice big curls. I wash my hair gently a couple of times a weak and tried to leave conditioner in and rinse it out. I use a microfiber towel to gently scrunch out the curls. The only product im allowed to use is a serum, which i apply before I scrunch dry my hair (have also tried it after).
I even tried brushing/combing when its soaking wet!

Im so sorry i wrote so much but i feel like i literally tried everything as far as going CG and stuff, but yet my hair still dries so gross (even looks weird when wet)
Anyone have any tips! I have 3a hair naturally, but looks about 2a after the treatment.
@lovelycurls123 did your hair get better after the Chi Enviro? What products do you use now? I am having the same problem.
3C curly/wavy/kinky hair.
I dont know what a CHI Enviro treatment is and why it would restrict you to what products you can use after. But I would think your hair likes protein so I would do another type protein type treatment. There are lots recommended on this site. I would also do a deep treatment and then follow the CG method that is right for your hair type and local weather conditions, i.e., humidity.

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