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I tried to go back to cones my hair said nope no not gonna work dnt like it but sulfates my hair is like I'm super clean time to Partay hey hey lol
Thanks everybody for the kind words.
I haven't had a chance to see if my curls are different after the cones because I've had braids since going back.

I plan to keep braids at least until my 3 year mark upcoming in March 2013.

My main concern with sticking to my 10 year challenge is needing for the hair to be healthy especially my tips. I think cones will be another way of strengthening my ends so they retain the length during these years.

I think after the 10 year challenge I will be past ankle length LOL
Took my braids out and I noticed my hair seems thicker. I think it's the cones adding padding around each hair strand.
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And them got rebraided last night
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