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mebarb 11-09-2012 03:25 PM

Top of my hair looks like a poodle!
I've done lots of searches and there have been many topics on the subject, but nothing has worked for me. Believe me, I wouldn't be wearing curly hair with bangs if I weren't forced to because it was so damaged from years of straightening it. So now, here I am stuck with bangs that I'm trying to grow, but I can't believe how slow if at all they're growing!

So, the rest of my hair, I guess 3c curls? which shrink up to about 3" under my jaw, are looking o.k. by now. They are not loose at all, but the first and second day I can get them that way by sleeping in Deva Heaven in Hair the first night, then I use Ouidad's Botanical Boost (which I absolutely love and use every day).

The problem is my bangs. They curl up tight, clumpy (like I said "a poodle") and the top of my hair from some layers I have because my hairdresser had to cut off some really damaged spots, are just like the bangs - completely different than the rest of my hair. The only way it looks decent is in a headband.

This morning I wet it and tried clipping down the top and the bangs. The top looked better (though I had zero lift) but the bangs came out straight, which really looked ridiculous.

I use Diva One Leave in Conditioner, Diva Angel gel, and Deva styling cream. The only reason I get frizz is that I play with it too much.

Anyone have any suggestions for me? I hate the way I look! My Mom even said to me the other day, "Why don't you try electric rollers on your bangs to get a softer curl?" Well, she doesn't understand.

Please, HELP!!!!!:sad2:

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