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Jas76 11-13-2012 10:34 PM

Temperamental hair!!
Frustrated today with the moisture/protein balance issue.

My hair has been dry lately, so I have only been co-washing for the pas few days. (I typically low-poo a couple times a week.).

Today I actually got much better curls! They spiraled and clumped, and I thought ok, I finally have moisture back in my hair.

Well, by the end of the day my hair seems over-conditioned. It's too soft, has no hold, is very fly-away - all the OC symptoms.

So I need a protein treatment, I'm sure. I will do a gelatin one Friday, but tomorrow I'll just try to go heavy of the protein condish and products.

If its not one thing with my hair, it's another! My hair is a spoiled brat!!

End rant. Lol!!

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