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pianogirl 11-15-2012 04:32 PM

How To Use Coconut Hibiscus Products???
I have started using the Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Shampoo and Milk. It has helped my hair so much in this dry winter weather! I never thought something so full of oil would work on my hair! I am still trying to figure out exactly how to best use it. I would love advice or to hear about how you use the products.

When I used more traditional products I used a pencil eraser or dime sized amount of shampoo on just my scalp and coat all my hair in rinse out conditioner. I leave the rinse out in while I do the rest of my showering.

I have been doing the same thing with the Shea Moisture products. I used the Milk as a rinse out. Today I bought full sized bottles (I had started out with the kit.) I realized the shampoo bottle is larger than the milk. This has me thinking maybe I should use more shampoo.

The shampoo is so moisturizing I'm wondering if it is more of a conditioning shampoo that won't cause problems if I use it in all of my hair. If I did that I am thinking maybe because it is so moisturizing I could truly use the milk as a leave in and not have to use it in the shower to help detangle. My hair seems like it could still use a bit more moisture in this weather which using it as a leave in would also help.

I guess my big question is should I use the coconut hibiscus shampoo as more of a conditioning shampoo to be used in all of the hair. Any thoughts or personal experiences? Thanks!

jsuzkelley 11-15-2012 06:03 PM

I have the Shea moisture coconut and Habiscus producs also, which I really like. I use the shampoo like a traditional shampoo, mainly on my scalp/roots. It is a good gentle shampoo, but not moisturizing enough for me to use in place of a RO conditioner. I use a different RO conditioner, and then use the moisture milk as a LI.

pianogirl 11-15-2012 06:22 PM

Thank you for your help! Maybe I need to investigate a different rinse out. I always try to use shampoo and conditioner that are the same brand so hadn't considered this. I stumbled onto this line because I was reading about my hair type on this website. It made me realize how much my low porosity really effects things. I had NO CLUE how much I needed to take that into consideration. The site recommended hair milks for low porosity. I didn't know what a milk was but I did some googling and came across this stuff. I don't know if this is what they meant. It doesn't seem very milky to me and it was so oily I was scared to death to use it the first time but my hair is doing really well with it.

dianemary126 11-15-2012 07:35 PM

I tried the curl and shine kit too. I also just use the shampoo as a scalp and follow with the shea moisture restorative conditioner. I used the curl milk as a leave in and truthfully didnt like it in wet hair but found great results using it on 2nd or 3rd day hair for added shine and to give bounce back. I prefer the curl smoothie as a leave in for wet hair

pianogirl 11-15-2012 09:07 PM

Thanks, I was really considering using the shampoo on all of my hair but you both have just about changed my mind. Thanks! I would still love to hear what others do.

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dianemary126 11-17-2012 12:01 PM

Everyone is diff..I mean u could try the shampoo on all you hair and then if u dislike it don't do it again? =)

pianogirl 11-18-2012 06:59 PM

I just decided to stick to my regular routine and I have started using the curl smoothie which I wasn't using. That seems to have helped. It gives my curls that added bit of umph I feel like I need in the winter without having to go over board with the conditioner. I'm just trying to make my products stretch as long as possible. When I saw the sizes of the bottles I thought maybe I was going about things wrong. Since the shampoo bottle is the largest I thought maybe that is what I should be using the most of. No, of course not! What I need the most of is in the smallest bottle it seems!

Myrna 11-19-2012 04:46 PM

First, I love the SM line. Both the moisture retention, and the coconut hibiscus. I alternate the shampoos, and I shampoo daily. LOVE them. However, I have not tried their conditioners, I use 3; Cure Care (sally beauty); Vo5 Shea Cashmere (.99 in the grocery store); and Giovanni Smooth as Silk deep conditioner. I find that I do not need a heavy conditioner. The CH line is frustrating because it is very difficult to figure out what does what. I have the shine spray and mostly dont use it. But, generally the shampoos are moisturizing enough for me that I dont need much else.

pianogirl 11-20-2012 04:48 PM

I have the shine spray and haven't used it much yet but I see it really coming in handy. I think it will be great for giving my curls a boost if I am going somewhere in the evening. It seems like it will help control frizz on a bad hair day. Also, I sometimes pull the sides of my hair back in a barrette. If I am not having a good day and play with it too much and struggle getting it back my curls will get straighter or frizzy. I think it will also be good to spray on after that. Basically, it seems great for a bad hair day or as boost later in the day.

I'm loving the coconut hibiscus products. I usually have to use different products in the summer and winter. This is my new winter find because I don't like what I was using last winter as much anymore. It's so great I'm wondering if I will be able to continue using it in the summer! I had been using the Giovanni Smooth As Silk which I loved but it failed me when the humidity left and cold weather came. I did just realize the Giovanni shampoo has a cone. I was never aware that cones could be a problem until I tried Salon Grafix before the shea moisture. I loved the way it made my hair look but it made my hair feel like straw. I think it was a cone!

pianogirl 11-20-2012 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by Myrna (Post 2073066)
However, I have not tried their conditioners, I use 3; Cure Care (sally beauty); Vo5 Shea Cashmere (.99 in the grocery store); and Giovanni Smooth as Silk deep conditioner. I find that I do not need a heavy conditioner.

That is how I ended up trying the shampoo and conditioner. I definitely need a good moisturizing conditioner because I have extremely thick hair that gets tangled and can get frizzy. But, from reading here I realize due to being low porosity I need a light conditioner. Between the weight of my thick hair and a heavy conditioner my hair can end up looking really flat. These products including the conditioner I think are very moisturizing yet very light.

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