To cut or not to cut

Hey y'all. I am fairly new to embracing my waves (still hoping curls will pop up someday). I've had a fair amount cut of and some layers cut in. I've been following a combo of CG and live curly live free. All of the straightened, dyed damaged hair is gone--got totally virgin hair going on!

My hair is currently BSL and is very thick and heavy with some ok waves going on. It seems to just lay flat, I've tried pinning my hair at the roots, I plop my hair but it still is pretty flat.

Would cutting it up maybe shoulder length to a little pass my shoulders be a good way to go to try and encourage more waves/curls and not lay so flat?

Thanks everyone!

If you are absolutely sure of how strong your wave pattern is, then I'd say go for it! But for some wavy haired people, curls tend to show up with length, and when they cut their hair, it can pull out the wave. Just go with what you are comfortable with! It just depends on you!
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the curl pattern for 3a is is that -- no root curl, but curl starting about 3 inches down. so at shoulder length or so you are fine. i think the problem comes in when people go towards a pixie cut. and, some long layers would help the curl, also, just make sure they cut the top layer long. so if you go to shoulder length, the top layer should end about between the bottom of your ear and your chin.

have fun and let us know what you do.
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Rather than cutting length, I recommend adding some long layers and seeing if that lightens up the weight of your hair enough to encourage curl. Then of course you can always try to go shorter if the layers don't do the trick
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