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jakexjustice 11-18-2012 09:57 PM

My Twist-Out (Corbin Bleu) Attempted MESS
**There are several images some may take a minute to load

I never thought I would sign up for but I have too many questions that I cannot answer myself. So here goes nothing:

I am a Bi-racial male (white and african american), age 19 who has always lived with his grandparents on the white side of the family. Being on this side of the family there has not been any stress on caring for my hair. Having different hair than my white my grandparents who would best be described as Type 2B/2C relax and easy to manage hair, I have little to no information regarding my hair. They have almost always had me cut my hair every 1-2 weeks not letting it get passed 1-3 lengths on regular style clippers.

Well two years ago I decided I was going to break this barrier and attempt to grow my hair out. My type hair would best be described as Type 4C. When deciding to grow my hair out I acquired a fancy for the hairstyle of High School Musical actor Corbin Bleu, and I See Stars vocalist Christopher Moore who both sport a rather exotic twisted-style.

The Before:
I spent approximately a year and a half growing out my 4c hair, though according to the regimen of it was done incorrectly. I washed my hair daily (between 5-7) days a week and shampoo'd and conditioned every day! My products were: Aussie Shampoo (Moisture) and it's compliment Aussie Conditioner (Moisture). I found that my afro was easier to manage when I conditioned it everyday, it would "fro out," more easily. After washing my hair I would also pick it/comb it out and use a blow dryer while picking it out so it would have more of a fro type appearance; it would stick out farther if I did it this way and it was more soft. I have never used oils, leave in conditioners, or any of that type of thing.

On days that I didn't wash I found that my hair would shrink in size, it would still be a fro but it wouldn't be as "far out," as it would be the day I would wash and pick out/blow dry it. This always bothered me and on days that it would act like this I would usually wear my hair in a beanie or to-pagan.

Idol Images: (Idol 1, Idol 2 <- Chris Moore

Idol 3, Idol 4 <- Corbin Bleu)

I know there is a difference between their hair styles. Chris Moore's is more kinky and out there similar to a fro, while Corbin Bleu has nice ringlets that law down. I wanted ringlets like Corbin Bleu's that stuck out like Chris Moore's. Chris Moore's hair was more nappy ill-managed and dread-like.

So I decided when it got long enough, that it was time to attempt to twist it to appear more like my idols. I went to an African Hair Braiding shop to attempt to get this look. I thought to myself, certainly it shouldn't be that difficult to get my hair to look theirs at the length it is now. I knew there must be an easier way to do it yourself, but I was completely clueless and EVERYONE I seemed to ask for information about twists seemed very ill-informed and if they knew anything at all they weren't helpful. Anyways, I went to Mita's African Hair Braiding. She started by sectioning my fro, and detangling each section, once the detangling was complete, she added beeswax to my hair and then got a comb and started twisting it with the beeswax in it, in a circular motion. She was african and could barely speak any english, I could IMMEDIATELY tell that this wasn't the way I wanted my hair to look but it was already half way done so I thought I might as well go through with it. After the beeswax was applied to each section of my hair and twisted. I was placed under a heat treatment sphere for 30 minutes and when I came out my hair had approximately 9 different curls, as opposed to the 100-200 ringlets I had wanted. I was so displeased and she didn't even see how unhappy I was. When I got home I washed out the beeswax to the best of my ability with hot water and my wide-toothed comb, and when I washed it out I saw that my hair did have the kinky s pattern that I was looking for, but I went ahead and picked that out as well because I was afraid.
After Images:

The after stage is a hard one for me to describe, my fro was significantly shorter, but also had a nice texture to it. It was sectioned in more places than it had been before and it was kinky, but I could NO longer pick it out and I had no idea how to manage my hair at this point. I kept washing it with Aussie products daily and it soon ended up to my downfall

The after stages 1-6 show my hair as it looked approximately 1-6 months after the beeswax washout. After that I cut my hair off entirely it was dreaded and connected in places that it just shouldn't be and there was no saving it.

Basically I'm asking how to achieve the Idol Styles without losing all of my hair again, how it should be treated, what products I should use, a good style to leave it in for the growing process and how I should care for it and maybe a review of what I did wrong before I am trying to convert my fro type hair to something more along the lines of Christopher Moore/Corbin Bleu. It would be nice to ACTUALLY know what type of hair I have, although I believe it is 4C Maybe even help with terminology, some realistic expectations, etc. I'm trying to achieve this style even faster than the 1-2 year that it took me the first time. Maybe co-washing might be best for me since my hair loves to be treated with conditioner
At the moment I currently using mane n' tail shampoo and conditioner 2-3 times a week to help it grow faster as well as taken b vitamins.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ElizabethFaith 11-18-2012 11:53 PM

Hi! Welcome! :) Wow, you kind look like Corbin Bleu! Anyways, I'm still fairly new myself, so I am hoping that someone else will post here to help you, too. This will be pretty long, so bear with me: I think the Mane n' Tail isn't moisturizing enough for you because it has a lot of protein. And co-washing is a good idea! I'd recommend reading the 4 forum for conditioner options and more help from people with your hair type! But personally, I like the Tresemme Naturals line. You should try it. It's pretty moisturizing! Have you tried twist-outs to loosen your curls? Meaning, do you ever wash/condition your hair, and then twist little sections, and let it air dry? That's what I do to my little brother's hair, and it works well. I hope I helped a little. Oh, and may I just say that I love your Afro?! It looks very moisturized and healthy! If you need anymore help, let us know! We're here to help! :)

ETA: I reread your post, and it sounds like the stylist was locking your hair, (aka, dreadlocks). Was she?

adthomas 11-19-2012 12:24 PM

It sounds to me like the lady was locing your hair. I can't think of anyone on CT who does twist outs with beeswax.

Anyway, the first thing we usually tell people to do is figure out the properties of their hair. What is your porosity level or how well does your hair absorb? Does your hair crave, hate or is pretty much neutral to protein? Is your hair fine or coarse? High density or low density? Figuring this out will help us better help you as far as offering advice about products and routine. For example if your hair hates protein we wouldn't suggest a product like Mane-N-Tail. You have to maintain a balance of protein and moisture in the hair. Too much protein and your hair will become dry and brittle and break off. Too much moisture and your hair become limp and lifeless and breaks off.

Just as some initial advice I would try going CG or if you have scalp problems use modified CG where you use a non sulfate shampoo poo and see how that does for. Try leaving a little conditioner in your hair and then running a little oil over it to seal. Oils and butter help to lock in moisture. Which oil your hair like best is a matter or trial and error but they don't call it a hair journey for nothing.

I think your hair is beautiful and while we all have idols remember your hair has its own unique curls. Embrace that. Some people will say natural hair is unkempt and other negatives but pay them no mind.

Jessiebanana 11-20-2012 12:44 PM

It's hard to say for sure because you haven't been CG and you've been picking it out. Picking and brushing curls will turn most curl types into a fuzz ball. It does seem though like your hair is a 4 type and if that's the case it will never be 3C like Corbin's. My hair is 3C and I don't have to create ringlets, I can perfect them, but ringlets form in the shower with water/conditioner. If your hair doesn't revert back to ringlets after picking it's most like a 4. I'd focus on getting your hair healthy and then I'd explore type 4 hair styles until you find the look you want and that best suits your hair. I will say type 4 hair tends to be extremely delicate, if you've been treating it bad it's probably in really rough shape and you might want to consider starting over. I know it sucks, but it might be for the best. Hair is dead and despite product claims it can't be changed if it's truly damaged.

I think Black curls tend to get clumped as one in the greater media, and many of us have more than one curl type on our head, but the different curls are very different in terms of what can be achieved and what can't.

coilynapp 11-20-2012 12:54 PM


Anyway, remember CB's hair is curly like that. As in he doesn't need to do a "twist out" to get his curls like that. Just bear that in mind.

You need a good curl cream to get the look of CB that you are after. You might try Ms. Jessies curl pudding (unscented because the scented is TOO MUCH). Or if you are avoiding mineral oil, I'd go with Jane Carter's curling cream (or whatever it's called)--it does a really good job for twistouts. You can also use regular gel or Kinky Curly curl custard and twist on wet hair. But to get maximum elongation, I would twist on damp stretched hair or dry stretched hair.

Hope this helps.

mcheryce 01-19-2013 04:14 PM

I was just googling his hair and see CORBIN SHAVED HIS HEAD! :-( He did it back in November so maybe I'm the last to know. But ohhh I loved his hair!!

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